Ethiopian Coffee and Food Culture at the Original Farmers Market
January 06, 2024

Ethiopian Coffee and Food Culture at the Original Farmers Market

🌍 Experience the Richness of Ethiopian Coffee and FoodCulture at the Original Farmers Market! 🌍

Embark on a sensory journey to the heart of Ethiopia with our exclusive Ethiopian Coffee Night at the Original Farmers Market, proudly hosted by Balam Organic Coffee Roaster. We're thrilled to present an unforgettable evening filled with the warmth of Ethiopian hospitality, tantalizing traditional dishes, and the mesmerizing Ethiopian coffee ceremony.


Join us for an intimate gathering as we welcome Tigi, a remarkable Ethiopian-born and raised women business owner, who will share her passion for Ethiopian cuisine and guide you through the intricate Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, savoring every moment from the roasting of the coffee beans to the final cup, while learning about the rich history and significance of coffee in Ethiopian tradition.


Event Cost: $100


Event Highlights:

• 🌿 A delectable whole dish featuring a harmonious blend of vegetables and savory meats.
•  A tin can of premium organic Ethiopian coffee, a treasure to take home and savor.
• 🌟 An immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony led by Tigi, offering insights into the cultural significance of coffee in Ethiopia.
• 🌐 An opportunity to connect with Tigi, gaining firsthand knowledge of her experiences and the rich cultural tapestry that defines Ethiopian cuisine.

Date & Time: Jan 6th | 6-8pm Limited spaces available, reserve your spot now!


Dive into the heart of Ethiopia and elevate your appreciation for coffee and culture.


This is more than an event; it's an experience of a lifetime!

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